ARRL is the national membership association for Amateur Radio operators.

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Local Clubs and Associations of Amateur Radio Operators
and Emergency Communications.

Special interests bring people together and amateur radio is no exception to this rule.  We seek each other out and desire to have an "eyeball" QSO (from the CB jargon) and therefore we meet up for a cup of tea or coffee, or whatever reason is convenient.  We have common interests and goals and need each other to cooperate for various reasons.  One common reason that brings us together is the VHF or UHF repeater.  The expense of owning a repeater located on a mountain somewhere is beyond the reach of most of us individually.  There is the cost of the equipment and the politics of leasing or obtaining through purchase or easement a suitable place to install our equipment.  I am sure that you already appreciate the many other reasons to form an association or club of radio amateurs.

When Hams come together our common purpose of course is stated in the FCC preamble and we remember these statements and do discuss them and how we are meeting those expectations.  One of the common results of this awareness of our responsibility in public service is the calling of a regularly scheduled "net".  A net is an "on the air" radio event that is facilitated either through and informal or "open net" where each person responds conversationally on the radio, usually through a VHF or UHF repeater, or through a formal or "controlled net" where a "net control station" (NCS) calls a roll or asks for "checkins" based on location or type of operation (mobile, emergency power, fixed, etc.) or call sign suffixes. The result of this type of activity is to re-enforce the cooperation and familiarity between the people involved.  It becomes a "platform" that can be returned to in a time of need to exchange information and to coordinate individual efforts.

As a group grows and matures, some people will decide to devote more of their individual resources to specific activities within the hobby.  Some will focus on emergency communications and a specific special interest group will form within the local club or association.

There are many local groups distributed throughout the United States and the world.  Try a search at for amateur radio club and add your local county or state and see what comes up.  It is most likely you will find what you are looking for.