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Review of N4PY ORION Control Software


Revised May 2, 2007

A very good place to get information on this radio is from Ten Tec's ORION II page on the web site located at: .  There are many links to definitive information about this radio there.

The September, 2006 edition of QST magazine has a product review by Rick Lindquist, N1RL.   The QST review refers to the Ten Tec Reflector located on .  This reflector is a good resource for specific problems encountered in the ORION and ORION II radios by users.  Occasionally a solution or resolution to the problem can also be found in the archives of this reflector.  The firmware revision at the time of the review was ver. 2.038j.

An excellent and I believe objective review and wish list for the ORION II is maintained by Ron Castro, N6IE.  If you are interested in an objective and constructive review, you should check out this web site: .

So what do I think of the ORION II?
(Version 2.037j Firmware)

I truly appreciate it!  I would not sell or trade mine for less than the price of a new one and then only if a replacement was available within the week.

It is a "stand alone" radio and will work without computer connections.  It can be connected to a computer as I demonstrate on the CAT & Logging page of this web site.  I'll list a few of the ways this radio serves here at KA7U.  

In my opinion the ORION II stands alone as a software defined radio that can be used with out connection to a computer, and as a radio that can be computer controlled.

Ron - KA7U