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  1. Luděk Košek says:

    Hellou Ron,
    I send you a greetings from Jablonec nad Nisou, Czech Republic. On the PC, I saw you doing .že loop antenna according LZ1AQ. I need an advice. I was doing this antenna in accordance with the easyeda.com/doxnairobi scheme. There transformer has 10 turns on Amidon FT 50-75. You have it too, or you have more threads. I need to play it on LW and SW band. I do not play there. I have 1 meter of Loop. I saw your new LOOP and there seems to be more threads. As I listened to your radio KIWI, so it plays to the SW. Thank you for answer. Luděk Košek, ok1- 21469, CSXDC
    I apologize for English

    • Ron Morell says:

      Luděk Košek, use 10 trifilar (3 wires) on the core. These should be twisted loosely together. Be sure to maintain the “sense” (phase) of the windings when you make the connections to the board. It is also a good idea to use transistors that match hfe and check the bias of the transistors to make sure the voltages are the same on each pair of transistors. You also need the balun / power injector board. https://easyeda.com/doxnairobi/2-1_balun
      Ron Morell

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