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The point of reference for this review is my personal use and experience of this N4PY software.  My use is limited to the N4PY software control of the ORION and the ORION II.  These assertions and opinions are my own.  I have no financial interest in this software.  Your experience might be different.  If so, that is your problem!

Carl Moreschi's N4PY Orion control software is a stable, graphic user interface that will provide control of the ORION radios to the full extent of the Ten Tec Programmer's Reference Manual which is available for download here: .  There are a few attributes of the Orion radios that this software does not control, but that is because the manufacturer did not provide software control of those few attributes.  If you choose to use a remote encoder/keypad (Pod), this software provides the tools to maximize your use of these devices.  These "Pods" really enhance the use of the ORION radio when combined with the N4PY software.

This software is a very powerful engine to base your computer control interface around.  There are other programs that will work to control the Orion radios, but none that I have found that come close to the perfection and completeness and ease of use of this N4PY program.  If you arrived on this page from a referring link, then you should also read and consider the information here , before you continue reading here. 

Remote control of the Orion radio station is easily accomplished using this software via the internet using a virtual network connection (client and server), remote desktop, and a VoIP program such as Skype.

The "real deal" with this software is the ability it gives the user to fully utilize the control attributes, frequency agility, dual receive and multiple antenna, internal and external AutoTuners, transverters, and other devices connected to the Orion in a much more comprehensive and sophisticated way than is easily obtainable from the front panel controls of the radio.  It provides this level of control with agility and precision, and provides it very quickly with the click of a mouse and / or an entry at the keyboard or pod.  Sadly, you will have to read the instructions and try the software control features to become adapt at using this software, but if you take the time to master this software, you will discover the great benefit that it offers in your station.

Oh, and it provides a keyboard for RTTY or CW with keyer modes and memories.  MARS frequencies can be made available to the ORION using this software as well. 

Have you ever loaded your memories with frequencies and then lost them when you loaded new firmware to the Orion and reset to insure that all would run smoothly.  Well then you know that all those memories were erased.  This software provides a way to save and reload them!

Carl Moreschi has a logbook and a DXSpots program that interface with this software and it is free to N4PY owners and subscribers.  It works just as well as the N4PY Orion control program.

Do I wish this software had other features?  Sure do, that is why before you arrived at this page, you saw the MixW program coordinated with it.  I wish all the software I use was fully integrated and had no interfacing files or macros to complete my station control devices.  But then, the software would be the "Swiss Army Knife" type of software and possibly not provide the options available as things now stand.

Ron Morell-KA7U